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165656_198341923514510_724808_nBrian Basilico will entertain, educate, and enlighten your audience.  They will walk away with a completely new perspective on relationships, social media, networking and more. Attendees have discovered how they can unleash their potential and increase productivity and sales.

Brian has presented to thousands across the country as a keynote speaker, breakout speaker and social networking and marketing panelist. Whether you have a national convention, regional conference, or local symposium, you and your audience will enjoy his energetic, enthusiastic, and entertaining style. With his business experience and performing career spanning over 30 years, and his speaking career over the last 10 years, Brian brings confidence and experience to every presentation!

Brian is a superb resource for social media and marketing in a social media age. He applies concepts from both traditional and electronic platforms and combines these into a solid, logical basis for marketing in today's business world. He is an outstanding speaker, delivering quality content in a dynamic format.”

Ellen Huxtable – Advantage Business Concepts