Various Options For Any Business

There are all kinds of coaches: business, mindset, sales, strength, life, and others. We specialize in one thing, and in one thing only…marketing! This affords you the experience you can count on to get the results you need.

B2b offers you various coaching options to fit your needs and budget.

Why coaching? Most books and courses create more questions than answers. Plus, every business is different…different people and personalities, different levels of knowledge and experience, and different goals and objectives. We start by getting to know you, your staff, and your unique business. Then we create a custom plan specifically for you.

We conduct our unique “Do & View” coaching session via GoToMeeting so you can watch the training in action or let you run the show from your computer. All coaching calls are recorded and documented for your review at any time. And we include email and phone support, before and after coaching sessions. This ensures you the most unique and complete marketing coaching system available.

You can choose from one-on-one coaching, group coaching classes, weekly mastermind calls, or single coaching sessions à la carte. For more information, scroll down for option details.

Coaching Program Options

One-On-One Coaching

Advanced – For Solopreneurs To Small And Mid-Sized Business

It all starts with an upfront strategy session to determine the current state of your marketing programs and what your desired results are. Then we start to implement the steps discussed. We cover website management, teaching how to use Google Analytics and other Google Business, social media, email marketing and other options depending on your goals and the length of plan chosen. This package includes you and your team simultaneously.

We offer 12, 6, and 3-month programs (depending on the goals of your marketing program). Please scroll up and book your FREE Consultation.

Group Coaching Classes

The Bacon System

Intermediate – For Solopreneurs To Small And Mid-Sized Business

This is a 12 week, group coaching program that takes you through all 12 steps in the Bacon System. You will also receive 3 or 6 personal coaching sessions depending on the level you choose (individual or enterprise). Those one-on-one coaching sessions can be used for any purpose. You will learn all of the principles and techniques you need to become self-sufficient with your marketing success.

Each class is limited to 12 participants and is held each quarter.

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Leveraging LinkedIn For Sales

Intermediate To Advanced – Individual Or Group
For Small, Mid-Sized, And Fortune 100 Businesses

LinkedIn has changed since it was bought by Microsoft at the beginning of 2017. This 6 session group coaching program will guide you through all of these changes, including:

How to optimize your profile.
How to make the right contacts
How to properly generate new leads using the new Sales Navigator (paid for enhancement), and more.
You will also receive 2 personal coaching sessions that include a profile review and a general coaching session.

Each Class is Limited to 6 participants and is held every 6 weeks.

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Bacon Weekly Mastermind

Basic – For Network Marketers, Franchisees, Solopreneurs And Small Business

This is our entry level coaching program and is perfect for network marketers, franchisees, solopreneurs and small businesses. This is part training, part mastermind, and part accountability, Each session is a one-hour conference call and all sessions are recorded. Once you join, you have access to all previous calls.

Topics include…

Social Media Platforms (Facebook for Business, Twitter, Instagram, and more)
Software (graphics, Evernote, scheduling, customer service, and more).
Websites (WordPress, plugins SSL, and more)
Mindset (customer service, testimonials, branding, and more)
There is no predefined training so you can start at any time. Groups are limited to 20 participants (multiple groups and times available)

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Coaching By The Slice

Basic To Advanced – For Any Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Single 1 hour or 1/2 hour coaching sessions are available to help you deal with specific problems or issues. This can include websites, social media, email marketing, or general marketing concepts. Your unique “Do & View” coaching session is conducted via GoToMeeting so you can watch the training in action or let you run the show from your computer. These sessions are also recorded for future reference.

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